reconnecting to database

New user to DataGrip.  

What's the easiest way to reconnect to Redshift if the connection gets dropped?  I frequently get an error message that is something along the lines of the request timed out.  If I try to rerun the query it then says there's no connection.  To reconnect I've been qutting DG and reopening it.  I'm sure there's a keyboard command or icon somewhere I'm missing that can do this easily...any help?


Any news on this question?


Hello Francopiccolo,

There is Disconnect button for the Data Source to close the connection explicitly:

After this on next query execution IDE will re-connect the data source.


What if the disconnect button is not available? It keeps graying out and I can't use it


If it's grayed out, right click on the connecting name and click "Disconnect" from there (or try the keyboard shortcut given).