Show output from File Watchers in code editor


So I've been using the Golang plugin for IntelliJ a bit now and although it works it does miss the additional integrations (Lint, Vet, Imports, etc.) meaning one has to add them as a File Watcher, which works fine. The specified line by the tool gets marked in the code.

The actual problem is rather that IntelliJ tells me "Empty message" on a hover to the code line instead of the actual message (like in this case "unreachable code"). Is there any way to actually provide the messages in the code editor instead of having to open the console.

Also is there a way to open a console window for every File Watcher instead of only opening one for the last executed Watcher?

For reference here are screens of what I mean.


To get useful error message you need to update your output filter in the File Watcher settings like this:



Thanks that indeed does solve it. Maybe add that $MESSAGE to the docs as it is not in there.

Though I have to admit I did switch back from IntelliJ to VSCode. I am mainly a Golang and C# developer and the VSCode Golang plugin is way more mature than the IntelliJ plugin. Also debugging Golang in IntelliJ is really tedious for some reason although both apps use Delve debugging takes way longer in IntelliJ than in VSCode, specifically loading variables takes way more time in IntelliJ (at least on my Arch machine)


Hi ML,

Thank you for feedback. Indeed debugging is much slower now than it should be. Since it's a IntelliJ-platform issue we cannot fix it fast but we're going to do something with it in the nearest future.

As for maturity, could you please clarify what do you mean and as a user of both programs could you please tell us what do you think we should do to make a Golang plugin better?

Thank you!