IOS Swift debugging in AppCode - I can't look in to my dictionary contents

If I put a simple dictionary such as this in my AppCode project:

    var myDictionary:[String: String] = [
                "a": "line 1",
                "b": "line 2"]

I would expect to be able to look browse the contents of the dictionary when I'm debugging in however all I'm told is the type of dictionary it is

In Xcode I was able to copy this

myDictionary    [String : String]    0 key/value pairs    

If I use Xcode I have a "Print Description" option when I right click however this is not exactly what I need. Ideally I would be able to view the contents in the foldable tree structure you typically get from debugging. I can't even find an option such as this in AppCode so in order to view the dictionary contents the best I have come up with so far is to insert in to my code:



Can you tell me if there are any setting I can change either in AppCode or Xcode that would allow me to view the contents of the dictionary or if not where I could get a similar "Print Description" option  in AppCode


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Could you please tell, which version of AppCode and Xcode have you used? In case it wasn't AppCode 2016.3 EAP, could you please try to use it, cause I can see the issue that caused AppCode showing "0 key/value pairs", but in fact you can expand the variable in debugger and see it's contents?

I've solved this myself now (for the most part). It only happens when I debug using the iPhone 5 in the simulator. If I even move up to iPhone 5s the debugger works as I would expect.

This still leaves a bug where you can't debug properly on an iPhone 5 but this is not an issue for me. Thanks for your help