Formatting Scala code in IntelliJ

I have Scala code like this:

def myMethod(myInt: Int, myFloat: Float, myString: String): Unit = {
//method body
I want to format it exactly like this if the line is too long:

def myMethod(
    myInt: Int,
    myFloat: Float,
    myString: String): Unit = {
    //method body
So the caveat is that each parameter has to be in it's own line and needs to indented by 4 spaces. I have tried the Settings > Editor > Code Style > Java, under the "Wrapping and Braces" tab, and selected the "Wrap always" option for "Method declaration parameters". But that doesn't indent the code correctly. Anyway to do this?

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you can use the scalafmt plugin to format scala code, it's much better then the built in code formatter.

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Combination of "wrap always" and "New line after '('" settings on and "align when multiline" setting off for Method declaration parameters will allow the formatting you want with built-in formatter.