Which settings for the best performance on this system?

Hi there,

I'm working on a rather large PHP project on the latest version of PHP Storm. What I am noticing is when I am doing 1000 + multiple selections is my system will lock up for 5 - 30 mins whilst it makes the required changes.

Now I am well aware that is is a pretty big task to undertake for pretty much any computer system and lock ups would be fairly common. However surely there must be some ideal settings to hopefully even shave a minute of each change. That's what I'm searching for. :)

Specs of system:

i7 5820K @ 4Ghz ( Watercooled O/C)
32Gb DDR4 memory
Nvida 1070 GPU ( Running 2x 4K screens)
Samsung 950 Pro 512gb M.2 main drive

Running Ubuntu 16.04.

It should be noted that the most I can get PHP Storm to use of ram is 4.5Gb. Still plenty of memory left in the tank (20+gb)  if there is any setting that can speed it up by sacrificing memory I'm up for that. Lastly, when it locks up, computer is functional just cpu usage hangs at 100% for 5 - 30 minutes.

Thanks in advance folks. :)



Only CPU matters here. Could you please specify IDE version you're running & what are the contexts of your refactoring: file type, languages used, line size, etc...


Using the latest IDE 2016.3

File Type: php
Only php being used

Lines = 100k +

Renaming variables and names throughout the file.

If this is CPU limited then I'm presuming that not many people ever face this situation?

The reason I say this is well, the 5820k has 6 cores.. 6 x 4Ghz = 24Ghz. The most powerful Xeon processor available easily is 3.6Ghz over 14 cores .. 14 x 3.6 = 50.4Ghz.. Only a touch over double performance assuming Php storm can use all 14 cores. Unless I'm missing something here but phpstorm does max out all 6 of my cores.  :)


We have had an issue with multiple carets/selections that will be fixed for the next major version (2017.1): https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/IDEA-135620.

Until the EAP program will be open for this version, you can use Find+Replace as a workaround.


Thanks for that. Look forward to the update.