Some calls in RubyMine interactive console debugging timeout in Ruby 2.3.0+


Since upgrading our projects' support to Ruby 2.3.3, we've been experiencing issues in the Interactive Console and Evaluate Expression windows. Some calls made there will timeout with the message:


OurExternalGem.account.load(:feature => "Default")

=> Timeout: evaluation took longer than 10 seconds.

Not ALL calls do this. We've noticed that simple calls, checking variables, etc do not exhibit this behavior. it seems like it's a set of calls that go to Gems outside of the ruby cucumber test project being debugged.

These calls also work fine when stepping through them in the debugger. They only timeout in the interactive console and evaluate expression windows. Confirmed that this behavior does NOT happen in Ruby 2.1.6 nor 2.2.2. It DOES happen in 2.3.0, 2.3.1, and 2.3.3.

Any assistance or ideas about how to fix or get around this issue would be greatly appreciated. This is impacting our ability to develop as many of our team members use this functionality when designing/creating cucumber test projects' test cases.


In case someone else encounters this issue there is a possible temporary workaround: