When will proper Swift support arrive ?


I have been playing around with the 3.3 RC in a hobby Swift project, and I think it still leaves a lot to be desired as far as Swift language support goes.

As a long time Appcode customer, we'd love to keep using AppCode when we move to Swift soon, but at the moment I don't see any compelling reasons for paying for AppCode vs using Xcode for Swift.

After 30 mins of using the RC on a small Swift project, I was missing:

* Almost no refactorings, other than Rename, Move, Copy. (The refactoring and editor experience is one of our main reasons for using AppCode).
* Debugger -> Watches: No support for Swift ?

Is there a roadmap for Swift support ? When will the AppCode experience for Swift be on-par with ObjectiveC ?

I hope someone at JetBrains will be able to answer this question :-)

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Everybody participated in this discussion - please, try 2016.2 EAP which contains much better support for Swift.

Hi Dennis.

Swift support is one of our priorities at the moment and we are constantly working on its improvements. Since AppCode 3.3 EAP we've started to support Xcode 7 and Swift 2.0.
We are working on the feature about watches right now: https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/OC-11121. Please stay tuned.
Also we have several tasks about refactorings in the tracker already: https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/OC-11592. Feel free to comment or upvote.
In addition, you can find a lot of useful information about new features and improvements in our blog: http://blog.jetbrains.com/objc/.


With Swift now open source it should be a bit easier to get things done supporting it.