How to apply constraints?


I'm using AppCode 3.1.5 for iOS development in Objective-C.

Here is what I set in my storyboard:
Here is what I got on the simulator:

As you can see my UITextViews on the simulator don't have the same space form the border of the screen as the one I set on the storyboard.

How to apply constraints? For now I use XCode to apply constraints, but I don't know how to do it in AppCode, AppCode reconize that there's constraints, but I can't seem to be able to add some.

Thanks for your help!

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I updated the first message. What I'm looking for is "constraints" I think.


Since I first used IDEA in 2001, I have been one of your most devoted evangilists about the JetBrains way of the development tools you guys have delivered.  You guys have made things better.

Now I am engaged in iOS development.  

Your silence is deafening.  If you give no signal of new development, you will lose the best developers who need to live in the client/server/cloud world of iOS developement.

You have the best toolset.  Make use of it.


Hi Bastien.

There is no possibility to edit auto layout constraints manually now:
Please comment or upvote this feature request.

I suppose that this issue can be also related to your problem.

We are really not sure right now where to move with the UI Designer.
You can always disable the UI Designer plugin in AppCode and have all features opened automatically in Xcode’s Interface Builder.
So we are still undecided how we should behave for AppCode case – should we evolve UI Designer in some unique way or simply copy the IB’s functionality.
Right now we are mostly focused on Swift support in editor. Possibly after that we will return to UI problems, but not now.

Thanks for your reply. I'll use XCode for the storyboard for now.