Subversion Issues

I created a new project using the template provided by Cocos2d-X

I used the command line to add this to a new Subversion repository

I checked it out

So, now if I open the application in AppCode and make a change to a source file, then try to commit the change, it says nothing is ready to commit.

If I do the same in XCode it commits fine.

Can anyone suggest what I may be doing wrong (or if there's a problem with AppCode)

I'm nervous because I have several other apps using Subversion in Appcode and they all seem to be working fine- but are they?


Hi Max,

what subversion system do you use?


svn help shows Subversin Command-line client version 1.6.18

I tried using Git and that seems to have issues too - so I think it is down to the project layout rather than Subversino or Git not working - i.e. it is the integratin into appCode.


Hi Max,

If you look in the VCS menu, does it have version control operations in it, or the item "Enable Version Control Integration..."

If the latter then I think AppCode failed to pick up that your project is under subversion.
In that case, try choosing that item to enable subversion (or git) integration for this project.



I found what the problem was (at least with GIT)

Although it was using GIT Commit it was failing to Push - because it wasn't defaulting to push to master, and needed me to specify an 'alternate' branch - which it appears to require teh dirst time it is pushed through AppCode.

When it was under Subversion, it definately had the VCS operations available, it just wouldn't detect that files were changed and so wouldn't commit them.

I think this is a problem with the way the sources are 'above' the project file in the directory layout created by Cocos2d-x as I haven't had problems with other projects.

The Hierarchy is:

       Classes <- this folder generally contains the sources one is editing <- Android specific project files
       proj.ios <- IOS specific project files
       proj.mac <- Mac specific project files
       Resources <- Generic resources

So you can see that editing a class in the Classes folder is 'above' the xcodeProj project file I am editing.


Hi Max,

If your suspicion about the directory layout being the problem with subversion is true, you can adjust that.

Open your project and then go into Preferences.
Select Version Control in the project-specific section.
Then on the right you can select and edit the version controlled directories.
So if your version controlled directory is set wrong you can edit it to trim off the unwanted subdirectories from the path.


Hmm - that sounds a likely solution - thanks.

I haven't marked it as answered - because I don't have time to check it our right now (as I've moved it to GIT which seems to be working)

When I have time I will try to add a new cocos2d-x project to Subversino & see if that fixes the issue.

Thanks again for the suggestion.