Is it possible to change first character of methods to lowercase?

Hi all.

I'm making an app.
I encountered some problem.
I typed first character of methods to uppercase.

I'd like to change first character of methods to lowercase.
My problem is that I had many methods.

so I want to change it automatically.

Does AppCode has this feature?


You should be able to refactor it. Click on the method name, and then select from menu Refactor -> Rename...


The project has so many methods....
It is difficult to change methods name manually.

Is there a way to change automatically?

uppercase of methods first character -> lowercase.


I'd suggest that you try using regular expression search and replace.
And in this case I'd actually take it outside AppCode and use TextWrangler (BBEdit's little brother, free).
The reason is that their regular expression implementation supports replacing with case-changes applied.

Work out patterns to catch about 90% of the cases, and fix the last bits by hand, as usually beyond that
point it becomes more work to perfect the patterns.


Thanks Maarten.

I will try following your advise.

You can go the following way:
Find: -((.+))T
Replace: -($1)t

\L and \U are not supported. For more information please navigate to IDEA-111267