C++ unit test runner

I would like to write a plugin which would run my C++ google test unit tests. Could someone suggest API which I should look at? IIRC Resherper has some easy way to add custom test runners, is there something similar in AppCode/IntelliJ IDEA?


(C++ editor in AppCode is quite amazing, I don't understand why you didn't advertise it)


currently, AppCode doesn't have public API, though we can help you should you have any specific questions.
In general, writing plugins for AppCode follows the same rules as for other IntelliJ-based products.

BTW, what framework exactly would you like to support? It may already be on our roadmap (see OC-2408)


I'm using Google Test framework https://code.google.com/p/googletest/
I was thinking to rip off the junit test runner from IntelliJ and add a parser for googletest output.
Unfortunatelly because of:
I had to come back to XCode.

I guess this could be a feature for your C++ IDE, not sure if googletest is popular enough though.



Ouch, twice.

I was just about to use the Unicode u8 strings in code examples in a book I'm writing for Packt (Getting Started with Leveldb).

I would also very much like gtest support in AppCode. I prefer AppCode to XCode as a C++ and Objective-C++ IDE partly because of the refactoring support for C++, even simple renames.

I checked and there don't seem to be any C++ unit testing frameworks on the roadmap. Google Test is the winner as far as I'm concerned, using at my day job in Visual Studio as well as on OS/X and iOS (Simulator).


Even if you can survive without u8, it's not going to work very well because AppCode can't parse GTest macro correctly and it will highlight them in red :(
I'm waiting for C++ IDE EAP to file bug reports. Too bad it won't come before fall :(


you are very welcome to file C++-related problems already, as the upcoming C++ IDE will inherit all language feature (and therefore he problems as well) from AppCode.


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Have to say that ASSERT_EQ from Google Test is parsed correctly in 2.1.1.