Generated headers cannot be resolved.

Hi there,

I'm giving AppCode a try and opened my XCode project. In this project setup, at build time, additional header files are generated and placed in the derived data directory of the target. This all works fine and the build completes without problems, but AppCode fails to index those additional headers. The directory is correctly listed in the "User Header Search Paths" in the project settings. It also seems to expand correctly - but the actual imports in the source files are shown red. I did confirm that the header files are actually there - it seems that only the indexer is not taking them into account.

Is there a setting that I'm missing?



Hi again,

I'd really like to try resolving the issue - what is the best way to diagnose what is going wrong? A bit more context:

The project I work on uses J2ObjC ( to include a library which was originally written in Java. This library is compiled as a library project that runs a make file. The generated header files for the transpiled Java code are placed in ${TARGET_BUILD_DIR}/Headers, which is added to the USER_HEADER_SEARCH_PATH. At compile time, the header files are found and everything works fine (I can also build the project in AppCode, without any changes to the project). However, while editing, the include for files out of that header directory are not resolved and shown red, leading to all sorts of unresolved symbols. In XCode, those header files are also correctly resolved.

Any pointers on how to solve this would be greatly appreciated, so that I can move over to a decent IDE :)

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could you please file a bug report and attach your xcodeproj file (xcworkspace file with corresponding xcodeproj file)?
We'll investigate and try to help you.


Hi Michael,

Is current problem still actual for you?
If yes could you please provide any sample or at least describe the framework and classes you use. Seems that problem can be fixed with correct framework set up. Please take look at this issue