Header Search Paths not Read from Project File

When looking at the my project's build settings in Xcode 4.5.2, the Section "Search Paths" the entry "Header Search Paths" value for both Debug and Release. When I open the project in AppCode 2.0EAP(124.371) the fields are empty. The application builds and runs, but the editor complains and wants me to add the value to the project file (which is already there). The popup (which was nice of you to add since I reported that other bug a long time ago) "Do you want to add ${PROJECT_DIR}/../RestKit to USER_HEADER_SEARCH_PATHS?". But, this is defined in my "Header Search Paths" already (again, not there in AppCode).


Followup, the Library Search Paths are also emtpy in AppCode but not in Xcode.

Also, I simply created a new project, updated the search paths in Xcode. Then opened in AppCode and they are missing.

I can send the project, but again, I don't like having company and personal info in the project files made public and I don't see how to add the file privately.


Okay, one more thing...

I noticed that I was a bit wrong about the property values. I was comparing Target with Project build setttings.  My value in my Xcode project for my custom searh path is set up in the Target build settings and not the Project build. It seems that Xcode resolves this in the editor. Perhaps I am using this configuration property incorrectly? It's been a while and this was the configuration that I got working for me. It use to work in AppCode 1.6 but I opened it up in 1.6 and it's complaining like 2.0.

Sorry if this is a non-issue, I would have expected it to behave like Xcode though.


I copied the values to the project settings also and the IDE is still screaming at me to import.

And why does it reindex every time I open the IDE? It takes a long long long time to do this everytime I change contexts/projects. It reindexes all my code as well as all the apple headers in the SDK. And it does this, in the foreground, every time we change the project settings. Any way to do this in the background, rather than a modal dialog with only allows you to cancel?

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