Mercurial integration


I have some problems / questions regarding AppCode Mercurial integration.

First of all, when I pull changes committed by others it has no effect on my code. Everything seems just fine, current revision number gets updated, but there are no changes in my code made by others in their commits. If I refetch with MacHG, everything works just fine

Is there a way to configure Mercurial user name and email in the GUI? Also, I would like to be able to configure user name and email on per project basis, because I use different email addresses for different projects, is it possible???

After install AppCode can not find hg executable, I had to install it by myself, add .hgrc file to define user name and email address etc. It would be great to have hg executable bundled.

When pulling changes from a remote server AppCode keeps asking me for a server URL. It would be super handy to be able to configure remote servers in GUI and during pull / push select source and destination repositories (MacHG, TortoiseHG are good examples).

Greetings, Piotr


Hello Piotr,

When you pull changes from Mercurial, your working copy doesn't get updated. You have to run 'hg update' for this.
To perform both steps at once, use Update Project action.

Currently there is no way to configure in the GUI. You have to do it in .hgrc or via hg config.

We don't have plans to bundle hg executable with the IDE.



Thanks for your answer.

Any plans on user / email GUI per project configuration???

Greetings, Piotr


Well, probably we will implement this functionality, but it is not a high priority task of course.


Will add my +1 to this feature request :)