Welcome to appCode Early Access Program! You help is appreciated!

Hello from the appCode team!

This is the discussion forum for different matters related to appCode, a new IDE for developers creating apps for Mac OS X, iPhone and iPad.

The main goal of the Early Access Program is to have a better tool by the final release.

We do our best based on our general software development expertise and 10-year experience building IDEs.
But you are the experts in the subject area, e.g. coding with Objective-С or creating iPhone applications, etc.
So, we are looking for your feedback and assistance with the following:

  1. General IDE usability review for a day-to-day Objective-C, Cocoa development
  2. Interesting features suggestions that would make you more productive
  3. Real-life projects to experiment with a real code
  4. Cool screencasts about you using the IDE.

We are looking forward to the interesting and useful collaboration!

PS. Oh, and there are rewards in the end! ;)

Let's get it started!
-The appCode Team