PyCharm 4.0 inspections - Unresolved references

After upgrading to 4.0 I am having trouble with ignoring unresolved references.

1. The warnings show as errors (red instead of yellow) in the code.

2. When I select a highlighted warning and add an ignore rule for a class symbol, it doesn't get listed in the "Ignore references" options of the inspections. The warning is ignored for the symbol, but I can't undo the warning.

3. When I add a global symbol to the "Ignore references" options and click "Apply", the option disappears and does not take effect.
I am having the same issue. I also saw that when project files were imported from PyCharm 3.4.*, that the section regarding unresolved reference was remove from "Project_Default.xml"

same problem here with e.g pytest. Is there a way to add completion for libraries that do a lot of import magic like pytest?

For code completion for pytest see PY-14514. For the problem with ignoring unresolved references see PY-14470.