separate youtracks for every cmake problem?

I saw the pinned announcement in the forum that bug reports should go into YouTrack, but I wanted to confirm here before generating about 9 separate YouTracks for all the help that CMake syntax support requires.

I did actually attempt to find in the release notes whether CMake was "on the roadmap" and thus my expectations of CLion's syntax support for it should be moderated, but the Known issues did not read that way. It is also an open question about how many of these are "feature requests" versus "bugs according to the expectation of a supported file format in a JetBrains product", especially one so absolutely critical to the way CLion works.

So, unless directed otherwise, I will create YouTracks for the following:

  • Quick Documentation does nothing in CMake files (extra super important!)
  • Go To Declaration does nothing for symbols in CMake files
  • Go To Declaration does nothing for pre-proc symbols defined by CMake
  • Built-in CMake variable auto-complete
  • User defined variable auto-complete
  • Parser recovery not helpful
  • Reformat code does nothing in CMake files
  • Inspections for provably wrong statements (feature request)
  • CMake cache help icon is a broken link

I did try searching to see if these issues were already raised, but didn't find any. Another fine reason to ask before creating a lot, in case I just didn't use the correct search criteria.

So are these known issues, or should I file YouTracks so I will know when they are fixed?


Hi Matthew,
thanks a lot for your question.

Below  is the lsit of already opened tasks that correspond to yours:

- Quick documentation in CMake::

- CMake variables autocomplete::

- Go To Declaration for CMake variables

- And Go To Macro - definitions declared in CMakeListst,txt

- Reformat code in CMake files:

Following the issue reported by you (CMake Cache help icon has a broken link):
- the ticket has been created.

Feel free to track the current status of features and vote for them.

Regarding your request for inspections for probably wrong statements:
1. Could you please tell us more about your idea?
2. In your opinion, what inspection types  coud be added to the set of existing ones?

Thanks for helping us to improve the product and don't hesitate to contact us if any.