Arm Cortex and Debian

I have Debian running on a iMX6 Arm based HummingBoard.  I have installed OpenJDK-7 on it.

I then tried to run CLion on it thinking that CLion only needed Java.

But their was a error saying it could not find yjpagent-linux on the library-path.  then it said something like "can't load IA 32-bit .so on a ARM-bit platform"

I looked on the FAQ and could not find out if it would run on ARM so I don't know if I should continue this effort or if it is hopeless.

Some guidance would be appreciated.


Hi, Trey.

We guarantee full CLion functionality for x86-64 systems, but perhaps that it will also work with ARM system.
You can try it and it will be great if you report us about the results.
In CLion distribution there are CMake, gdb and yjpagent which were built for x86-64 system.
As we know, you can find CMake and gdb builds for ARM, but yjpagent for ARM may not exist.

In this case we suggest you to change in order to don't use yjpagent at all. is located in CLion_home_directory/bin.

You should find the following part of this script and change it in one of these three ways:

if [ "$IS_EAP" = "true" ]; then
  OS_NAME=`echo $OS_TYPE | "$TR" '[:upper:]' '[:lower:]'`
  if [ -r "$IDE_BIN_HOME/lib$" ]; then

1) set IS_EAP=“false”
2) set AGENT_LIB = “null”
3) delete IDE_BIN_HOME/lib$ from the distribution.

Before running the wizard you also should delete CMake and gdb libraries from CLion distribution because they were built for x86-84.
In the installation wizard you should set your own CMake and gdb libraries, which were built for ARM.

If you achieve any positive result, please let us know about it.