Using CLion for ARM Cortex development

I'm currently doing some hobby projects using GNU ARM Eclipse ( but would love to make IntelliJ my one for all IDE. I'm currently using IntelliJ at work for web development projects and would also like to use CLion for C Embedded development. Is it at all possible to use CLion for embedded programming? If yes, does CLion offer debugging support with toolchains used for ARM development?


Hi Josef,

This one is an open feature request, which we plan to consider after release of 1.0 version.


Thanks for the reply, Maria. But wouldn't it be possible to debug an embedded with CLion anyways, whilst using something like J-Link's GDB server, my understanding is that CLion connects to GDB, but shouldn't really have to care what happens between GDB and the GDB server, right?


Hi, Josef.

It’s not implemented now, but we have feature request about remote debugging in our tracker:

Please add comment about your case there and feel free to upvote, and follow to get the updates.

We can not say for sure if it is possible to use gdb server now or not, but you can try to connect gdb to gdb server.
If you have any progress in using this configuration we will really appreciate if you report some information to us.