How can I disable parallel builds?

Seems that CLion defaults to using -j<number of cores> but I'm working with a project that doesn't support this.


You are right, now CLion uses parallel builds. How does this affect your project? Could you provide more details?


Using as an example. It doesn't always succeed when built in parallel depending on how you configure the build. This project is also a great example of why we need to be able to set the build options before the initial configuration. It's a pain to configure this build with CLion at present.

A hypothetical situation is building something very large in parallel. This can eat up all my RAM and I'll start swapping.. likely forcing a hard reboot.

I generally use parallel builds, but it's very important to have the option to limit the number of threads no matter how you look at it.



Ok. I understood you. I've created a feature request in our tracker for this: Feel free to vote.

> set the build options before the initial configuration
Could you please tell in details what do you mean? Or file feature requests to our tracker?