Can not get La Clojure to parse core.clj in Clojure 1.1.0

If I create a project using Clojure 1.1.0 (putting clojure-1.1.0.jar on the classpath) IDEA seems to ignore parsing core.clj (and also other files) in the jar. Completion no longer works for things defined in core.clj, neither do syntax highligting nor "Go To -> Declaration". Some files seem to be affected by this, such as core.clj and parallel.clj but not others, including core_print.clj or genclass.clj.

If I replace clojure-1.1.0.jar with clojure-1.0.0.jar all works well.

IntelliJ IDEA 9.0 Ultimate/La Clojure 0.2.192.

Any suggestions?



Hi, Patrick.

Thanks. Now, it's fixed and will be available with next revision in a couple of days. You can build the plugin from scratch if you clone the sources from the repository git:// and provide necessary properties in the file. After that just run ant command and the zipped plugin will be created in the dist folder. Put it to the default IntelliJ plugin directory and restart the IDE.
Sorry for the inconvenience.



Thanks for a quick reply, I'll check it out!


Hi Ilya!

With the release of the new version of the plugin I finally got around to trying this out. It's better but I still can't get it to work quite as I expect.

Some special forms are not highlighted, such as do, and try catch.

Also, the things I use in clojure.test and in clojure.contrib (including, but not limited to, and>) are not highlighted and can't be used for navigation or completion. Perhaps it has something with how the (ns ) is parsed, because it works fine if I fully qualify the namespace, i.e. use> directly in the call.

The ns looks like this:

(ns com.granular8.lava.main
    :name com.granular8.lava.Main)
  (:use [clojure.xml :only (parse)]
    [ :only (xml1-> text)]
    [ :only (xml-zip node)]
    [ :only (read-properties)]
    [ :only (sh)])
  (:import [it.sauronsoftware.cron4j Scheduler]))