La Clojure breaks 8.1.4?

I just used the Plugin-manager to install La Clojure in IDEA 8.1.4 (build #9952).
Suddenly, I am no longer able to create a new project. Neither the Create New Project
link (on the main page) nor File/New Project menu work. Uninstalling La Clojure
restores the ability to create new projects. The Plugin-in manager says the version
of La Clojure I am downloading is

Does anyone know how to get La Clojure installed in 8.1.4?
     thanks for any help,


Hello, Tom.

The lates builds of the plugin aren't supposed to work with IDEA 8. PLease, download IntelliJ IDEA 9 (Maia) - either ultimate or community edition from the EAP page: