adding a global Grails SDK

My current Groovy and Grails installations are in Global Libraries.  I wanted to add Grails 1.3.5.  How can I do this in IU-98.486?

I tried Tools > Grails > Change SDK version > Use library > Create... and then chose the directory containing Grails 1.3.5.  This upgraded my project and added grails-1.3.5 to Libraries, but how can I get grails-1.3.5 into Global Libraries (or add future versions without upgrading the project)?

I don't want to add a grails-1.3.5 library for every project, because I'm concerned that IntellilJ will duplicate the caching, and I don't want to attach all the dependency sources more than once.



I just realized that the "Move copy to application level" checkbox when I copy a Library must mean to move it to Global Libraries.  After all, the global library configuration is stored in a file named applicationLibraries.xml.  This may answer my question, but it doesn't really satisfy me, and that terminology does not seem consistent with the UI.

Anyway, I copied that library configuration to that file by hand, because I had to use vi to add a bunch of source paths to it from .classpath.  I wish that IntelliJ had a way to automatically download the sources to all the Grails dependencies.  I'm using Lari Hotari's trick with eclipse-scripts and manually editing all the sources out of .classpath and into applicationLibraries.xml.


Then it wouldn't navigate into the Groovy source, so I tried File > Invalidate Caches... > Invalidate and Restart, but IntelliJ wouldn't restart.  The process disappeared from the Activity Monitor, so I tried restarting from the doc a few times, but nothing happened.  I'm running Mac OS 10.6.5.  The only unusual thing I did, besides clearing caches and editing applicationLibraries.xml (while IntelliJ was shut down), was disconnecting and reattaching an external display earlier.  After I rebooted, it started up fine.  (Windows flashback)

Now it looks like I also need to attach sources to the Grails User Library.  This looks per-module.  sigh