IJ14 Play 2/Activator Run Config - How Can I Pass Cmd Line Argument to Activator?

Hopfully, this is a fairly simple novice Java question. I just am starting to work on Activator/Play 2 code on IJ14 Ultimate and I do not know how to pass a command line argument from the Play 2 Run Configuration so that I can specify alternate configurations depending on what I want to do during the development.

Here is what I normally do from a terminal console to launch my Activator App. For example,

activator -jvm-debug 9999 "run -Dspring.context.location=dev-spring-no-amq.xml -Dconfig.resource=dev.application.conf"

Depending on which type of test or build machines I am using, the -D part would be different and it would be nice if I can have set of run configs I can just use directly from the IntelliJ.

From the Play 2 Run configuraiton on IDEA. I would expect to see something like Command Line Argument text box to put this argument info, but obviously it isn't in the design. And wondering why it is not there for IntelliJ (my mindset is still with Visual Studio C# debug dialog box). My guess is to include these as a part of the JVM argument? I did try that but it did not work either.

I know -jvm-debug 9999 part is already being taken care of by the Play 2 run configuration, no problem there. But how can I specify the rest?

Right now, I am launching the app from the command line and using the Remote run configuration just to connect to it.

With your answers, you are helping me not just with this, but assisting me in understanding how the IDE and Java works in general.

Thank you in advance.