Fixing Scala compiler for Play projects


Is there any ETA for fixing issues with class compilation for Play-enabled multi-module projects [1]? At the moment this bug makes development virtually impossible. Really, it's better to use Community edition with SBT Task runner for free than pay for Ultimate edition :/.

Similarly there is another set of issues reporting that enabling Play support makes recompilation awfuly slow [2].

There is also a similar set of related and nonfixed issues for IDEA 13. I haven't use that version with Play projects but it just doesn't bode well. It looks that Play support is very fragile and bugged.

BTW is there any explanation what is interrelation of various Scala compiler settings? At the moment we can:
- enable or disable an external compile server,
- change incrementality type between IDEA and SBT,
- enable Play 2 compiler for project (why should I do it? what are consequences? what if I have multiple Play modules?)

[1] e.g.,,,,,
[2] e.g.,