Navigation buttons do nothing

I have upgraded jetgroovy today. I have created a domain class and the editor displays the navigation buttons, it even hightlights on mouseover. However, clicking any of the buttons performs no action. I get no stacktrace or errors of any kind -- just a noop.

So I manually created the controller, and it too displays the navigation bar. It even shows the correct domain class. But all those buttons are also noop except for the test. I can navigation back and forth between the controller and test. (This is /not/ the case for the domain class -- non of navigation works.)

Is anybody else experiencing this? Is there any way to debug the plugin to see why its not responding?


BTW, below is the console output from creating the domain class. What does it mean when it says "No plugin scripts found"?


Welcome to Grails 1.0.1 -
Licensed under Apache Standard License 2.0
Grails home is set to: D:\thirdparty\groovy\grails-1.0.1

Base Directory: D:\grailsspike\grailsapp
Environment set to development
Note: No plugin scripts found
Running script D:\thirdparty\groovy\grails-1.0.1\scripts\CreateDomainClass.groovy
Copying 1 file to D:\grailsspike\grailsapp\grails-app\domain
Created for GrailsFoo
Copying 1 file to D:\grailsspike\grailsapp\test\integration
Created Tests for GrailsFoo


What does it mean when it says "No plugin scripts found"?

Barry, it means that trere are no Grails plugins (for example, Quartz) installed.


Some more info:

I just delete the domain class and created a new one. Here a scenario of interaction:

1. click on button for test class --> noop
2. manually open the test, click on button for domain class --> navigation
3. click on button for test class --> navigation!

I again deleted the domain class and started over. Now domain class <--> test always work. (None of the other navigations work. Sigh.


Barry, it seems, you use version 1.0 of JetGroovy plugin.
Actually, these buttons in editor decorator are available only if appropriate controller, tests or views exist. In post-1.0 versions which are available to download if you have last IDEA EAP (for example, 7693) you can create controllers, tests and views using these buttons.
Las IDEA EAP cab be downloaded by link

Ilya Sergey


Ok, so that has nothing to do with my problem. Thanks.


My idea version is EAP 7693 (but I also see the same behavior with 7684). Why do you think I am using jetgroovy 1.0? I downloaded the latest just today.


My plugin version is 1.0.14394


Ok, so you are saying that buttons don't create the controller etc if it does not yet exist? Yes, I see!! If I create the controller then the navigation works. I suppose I got confused since the views are created via the popup on the same navigation bar.

In any case, seems I'm ok now. Thanks!!


BTW, your major JetGroovy version is 1.0.
JetGroovy 1.5 EAP (which has version number 0.1.14327 - tomorrow we'll fix this version number inconsistency) can be downloaded from repository.


Where can I find 1.5 EAP? I am using the latest Idea EAP, but the download manager only shows jetgroovy 1.0.14394 (which is what I have installed).


I see, its at the plugin page. I need to install this manually I suppose...