Creating controllers not yet possible?

A small question: Am I right that it's still not possible to create controllers from within the IntelliJ view of Grails? Above the editor there's the Grails bar, with the domain model, the controller and the views. Using this bar you can navigate, but you can also generate the view, though you cannot generate the controllers.

I was hoping this got changed, but currently I don't see the option to generate them.

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Does not pressing controller name open "Generate Controller" for you?


Nope, it nothing happens when I click on the name of the controller.

I also noticed an extra issue: When I am in Book.groovy, I can generate the views for the Book by clicking on the "Views" item in the bar. However, when I go to the test (BookTest.groovy), I cannot generate the views (so I have to go back to the domain class, and generate it from there)


Hello Erik,

I can also report the same behavior: clicking the controller name in the Grails bar won't generate the controller.
As a workaround, I guess you're using the menu. Give it the name of your domain class, and you're done.

Hope this helps