JetGroovy get confused when source code is moved

Perhaps this one is already fixed. It seems related to several other bugs reported here.

I was integrating my Grails code into a larger project. I copied the project directory somewhere else, and added the copy as a Content Root, and removed the original. I carefully went through all my project settings and switched everything to the new location.

However, JetGroovy was now confused. Even though IntelliJ was now using the new files, Grails was still using the old ones. I think somewhere the JetGroovy plugin was still using the directory that it created, even though that directory was no longer a Content Root.

Another way state this bug is-- if JetGoovy didn't create the Grails project, it doesn't like it. If you add an externally created Grails projects (even one created by JetGroovy elsewhere) JetGroovy doesn't figure out which files are Domain objects, Controllers, Views etc.



I see similar issues. When I create a domain class via the menus, then it is recognized as such. However if I create a class in the domain directory (or copy one from another project) then I can never get jetgroovy to recognize the class as a domain object.

I have searched and searched thru all the idea project files but cannot seem to find anything that would mark a class as a domain object.


I'm finally getting to dig thru the grails code, and after finding GrailsDomainClass I'm assuming that a domain class needs to extend this interface for jetgroovy (and grails) to identify a class as a domain object.