Regressions with 0.4.472


yesterday i was notified of an IDEA 10 CE update to IC-103.72, and successively a scala plugin update to 0.4.472

this has come with a few regressions, i don't know if they have been reported, so i would like to point them out:

- copy and paste has a problem with line breaks. i had a block copied and upon insertion, i got a lot of \n added
  as text (backslash and 'n'). now i wanted to reproduce this for this posting, and the behaviour has gone.
  so i don't know exactly how to reproduce.

- creating new scala classes produces wrong templates. e.g. a new class ends up like this:

package de.sciss.bdb;
public scala class Test { }

  this had been the case an an earlier version of the scala plugin but was luckily fixed before. now this happens
  both with classes, objects, and traits.

- editing the Run Configurations, whenever i enter text, for example, the Main class or the Program parameters,
  the window is crazily flashing whenever i type any character. like the IDEA splash screen is shown for
  the fraction of second, then the dialog comes back and the textfield is fully selected, making editing a bit

otherwise it looks good!

best, -sciss-


Thank you for the detailed feedback, we will check all the issues soon.

Please, refer to this thread to fix a problem with new class templates.