Static analysis of Scala

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from     Yuvi Masory <>
date     Wed, Dec 22, 2010 at 2:05 PM
subject     Re: static analysis of Scala
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Since there is some interest, here's a little more detail.

I have created a alacscala group on GitHub for work on this. Others
are welcome to join.

The tool will be called Alacs (scala spelled backward, free of
trademarks): <>
I'm also assembling a large corpus of Scala code for testing. This was
FindBugs's Bill Pugh's suggestion. It will go here

I have just begun work. I will be on it full time for the next 5
weeks, and after that part time for 6-12 months depending on whether
this turns into my master's thesis or remains a hobby.

Ahmet, your participation is most welcome.

My personal priority will be on errors relating to the language
itself, and the libraries mandated by the spec. I don't personally
plan to focus much on the standard library. An sbt plugin will be

The first stage of the product is to specialize FindBugs for Scala
(reducing its false-positive rate for Scala code). After that I'm not
sure which direction that Scala-specific analyses will go, or whether
there will be source-level analysis too.