found something

hi jetbrains, is this of any interest to you? this just went though the scala users mailing list:

I just finished my master's thesis on Scala Refactoring. I developed an IDE 
independent library that uses the Scala compiler to provide refactoring 
functionality. I implemented several refactorings, but it was also my goal to 
make it easy to create new refactorings: you just have to write a tree 
transformation and the library takes care of the source code changes.

The refactorings are being integrated into the Scala IDE for Eclipse (they are 
currently in a branch, but will be merged). Because the refactorings only 
depend on the Scala compiler, they could also be intergrated into other Scala 

There's also a new website for it:, my report is 
The report might also be interesting for others that start working with the 
Scala AST, I have an Appendix that documents how the Scala AST classes are 

Feedback is very welcome; I'm going to continue the project in my spare time, 
so please report bugs - they will be fixed  :-) 

I saw it too. Somebody can create separate plugin to support this refactorings (it is possibly easy). We won't do it (all this refactorings are same as in IDEA).

Best regards,
Alexander Podkhalyuzin.