newbie questions


I have a few questions, some may be general IDEA questions.

1. Given that the cursor is on (or after)  a method name, how do I see the list of arguments this method(s) accepts? (e.g., i have and i put the cursor inside the parenthesis)

2. given a variable (var/val), how can I see its type (with type inference, sometimes this is not exactly clear from the code)?

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1. Use Ctrl + P shortcut. For more information read:
2. You can press Ctrl on reference to this val/var, then you will see infered type (with our not fully implemented type inference):
Another way to invoke Introduce Variable Refactoring dialog after selecting expression:

For all features you can find info here:

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To see the type I use "Ctrl-q".


Cool. That's exactly what I was looking for!