Page up/down without moving cursor?


With the page up/page down keys, phpStorm pages up or down but also moves the text cursor to the scrolled position. This is problematic when I want to page up or down while retaining a selection. But scanning the keyboard mappings I don't see an option for changing this.

Is there a way to set phpStorm to page up/down without moving the cursor?



Hi there,

There are "Scroll Page XX" actions in Keymap -- they seem to do what you want.

But you will have to assign your own shortcuts (On my Windows machine with Default keymap they have no default shortcuts)

It's also possible to just scroll by single line -- just remove "page" part form the search text


Yep that's it! Don't know how I missed it. Thank you! I'm using the Mac version and the options are there exactly as you describe.


I am using JetBrains tools (mainly Rider) on macOS and just want to suggest that it would be really convenient if JetBrains adopted the standard and very useful macOS key behaviours by default on macOS:

Home: scroll to top (don't move cursor, can use Cmd+Up to move cursor)

End: scroll to bottom (don't move cursor, can use Cmd+Down to move cursor)

PageUp: scroll up one page (don't move cursor)

PageDown: scroll down one page (don't move cursor)

Ctrl-L: return to cursor (and centre vertically if possible)

You can verify how these work in any Apple application (e.g. Pages, xcode).


In fact I've opened a YouTrack on this for Rider: