How do I enable the Scala SDK for a Scala Facet?

I have a pre-existing module that I want to add some Scala code to.  I've downloaded the Scala plugin (this is for 8.x, latest version).  I can create a new Scala test, but when I try to run it, it says "Scala SDK is not defined"  I've searched up and down the setting and the facet configuration to specify the SDK, but no luck.  I can create a new module from scratch and enable Scala as a facet from the begininng and define an SDK there, but there seems to be some option missing for specifying the SDK when adding a facet to an existing module.

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Hi, Adam.

Since we didn't find any appropriate solution in the current IDEA API to specify Scala SDK similarly to Java SDK, by some implicit convention you just should have scala-library.jar and scala-compiler.jar in some libraries, attached in some libraries to any of modules in your project.