Scala libraries not getting indexed


I've been working with Scala plugin for some time and had no major problems with it until recently when my X server crashed, killed IDEA and on the next restart it decided to rebuild all of it's indexes. And now Scala support is crippled: all classes from scala-lib aren't recognized, IDEA underlines them and pops up import intetions suggesting something from java.*
I've tried downgrading plugin, killing caches, recreating scala library (the one that includes scala-compiler and scala-library jars) - to no avail.
It's interesting to open any class from scala library, like scala.BigDecimal, and move the pointer around while holding ctrl - only java classes become hyperlinks. Exceptions are top-level 'scala' package and some "primitive" types like Int, Boolean etc that get underlined as well.

Is there any way to workaround this isse? I wouldn't like to get back to vim =)

PS Scala plugin 0.2.24703, IDEA 8.1.3 and Scala 2.7.5

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If anybody has the same problem: shutdown IDEA and delete scala-library.jar* and scala-compiler.jar* from ~/.IntelliJIdea8x/system/jars/