How do I point the scala facet towards the scala compiler

Hi people.

I've installed the plugin but when I try and compile I get "Please set up Scala Facet".

This might seem like a really stupid question but I can't seem to point the scala facet towards the compiler...

How do you do this?

Thanks, Paul.


Ignore me. I've found it.


for those of us not so clever, could someone tell me how to achieve this?
I am new to IDEA (although it was fairly straightforward with groovy so I think I am missing something obvious) and I cannot even figure out how to add the Scala facet.

edit for image:

Am I looking in the right place at all?

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By screenshots you've attached, I cann suppose that you use old version of Scala plugin for Idea 7.0 (Selena). Unfortunatelly, it's not supported now. Please, use version for Idea 8.0 (Diana, available as EAP on There you have to set up Scala facet with appropriate SDK as in Groovy pluing (I've noticed it on your screenshots).

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