How do I enable scala documentation?


I have been investigating the Diana M1 on both Windows and MacOSX. With the exception of the CVS support, I am very pleased with the overall IDEA experience and productivity.

I've added the scala doc location (scala-2.7.1\doc\scala) at Settings -> Project Settings -> Global Libraries -> Attach JavaDoc... for the scala-2.7.1 global library. However, it doesn't work when press Ctrl+Q when the cursor is over any scala function or object.

Am I missing some setting? The scala project compiles and run fine though.

On a minor note, is there a mouse shortcut on a Mac to close the source/file tabs?

Thanks for your help.

Edited by: Sage Salvatore on Aug 18, 2008 3:09 PM



We have not provide documentation navigation yet for Scala-defined entities, but you can use Ctrl+Q for Java classes, methods etc. from inside of Scala files.
Default shortcut to close file tabs in editor is Meta+F4, but you cannot redefine defaults in "Keymap" section of settings menu.