Feature Request: Delete and Move Buttons / Templates

Hi guys,
great work on the Scala plugin.

At the moment you cannot delete or move Scala classes via the project window. You basically cannot delete/move classes at all, which is a major pain in the arse.
Furthermore, could we get some "new file"-templates? On rightclick -> New Trait, New Scala Object, New Scala Class, New Companion Object? Including a minimum code skeleton.

Everything else is looking good. The go-to functionality is a great timesaver. On another note, displaying Scala(Java)Docs with ctrl+q does not seem to work yet. I sometimes also get errors trying to re-format code, but then again I'm using the svn version, not the one from the plugin page.

Thanks for your efforts

Edited by: behlma on Jun 1, 2008 4:05 PM



Thanks for your interest. We're going to add functionality you say in a month. Please, if some error, bug, or exception occurs, please, don't hesitate to submit it to our bugtracker. :) It will be great help for us.