Please re-check Issue Ruby 13065 it is NOT a duplicate


I have re-posted on this issue ( but with no response. The issue is not a duplicate and NOT related to FactoryGirl. It has been closed off before being investigated.

Pluralisation is broken.

For example in the following code:

     users.each { |user| user.microposts.create!(content: content) }

'microposts' is highlighted as an error and underlined. There is a Micropost model and this is a correct pluralisation,

The models are Micropost, User, User has_many microposts, Micropost belongs_to user. It is from the very well understood code in The Ruby and Rails Tutorial.

Could I implore you guys to please load up this code, which is in the public domain (, and just look at how many issues there are with Rubymine 5/5.01? I have been bugging these but they have been dimissed as not atually being bugs. Well the fact is that none of the code was a problem in Rubymine 5 and now every single file is peoppered with "errors" which are not actually errors at all, but a multitude of small bugs in Rubymine.

I feel you are not taking this at all seriously.


*I meant none of the code was an issue in Rubymine *4*


Another example with this User/Micropost model and pluralisation errors:

     @micropost = 'My first micropost')

'microposts' is again underlined as "Cannot find microposts" yet microposts is valid as a user has_many microposts and micropost belongs_to user.

If you reply "bug it" I already have and Dennis Ushakov closed it saying it was a FactoryGirl problem. This has nothing to do with FactoryGirl. I have annotated this in the bug report but it is just satting there and still closed.