A quick, possibly daft, question about autocomplete


If I try to type in the line:

subject { @user }

the closing brace is helpfully added at the time I open the brace, leaving me just to type the local variable.

My question is this:

After I type the local variable I am currently using my little finger to hit the "End" key to get to the end of the line, then hit CR: Is there a faster or alternative way to do this? I am having to move my hand to hit "End" then back to hit CR. Perhaps this may seem unimportant, but I suspect there is maybe a better way to do this. It happens a lot.

Thanks for your continued help :)


CTRL+SHIFT+Enter completes the current line. This should do exactly what you want.


Thanks Marcus, that is just the command I needed, though I thhink I might change it to an easier key combination if I can think of one that's not taken :)