New UI for run/debug applications

Hi guys,

As far as you know RubyMine provides two ways of launching applications(ruby scripts, rake tasks, applications, rake tasks, etc)
1. 'Run Context Configuration' which launch application using caret(or mouse cursor) context
Picture 44.png
2. 'Run' which launches active run configuration ("should_test" on screenshot)
Picture 43.png

Also change active configuration is possible ONLY with mouse from toolbar and thus you cannot hide toolbar if you don't use it
Picture 45.png

Thus we decided to fix this usability problem and we added third way of launching and switching existing configurations using keyboard. New action (Run | Run...) will show popup
with list of available run configurations. So you should just select configuration and press "Enter" (to Run) of "Shift Enter" to debug. 
Picture 47.png
This feature will be available in next RubyMine 1.5 EAP. Also we have paired action "Debug..." which by default will launch configuration in debug mode and with Shift in run mode.
I have a question for MacOS users. Which shortcut do you want for this action =) ?
I'll remind current shortcuts (keymap: Default for Mac OSX) :

* Run context configuration - ⌘⇧F8
* Debug context configuration - ⌘⌥⇧F8
* Run (active configuration) - ⌘F8
* Debug (active configuration) - ⌘⌥F8
F8, ⇧F8, ^F8 - is mac os reserved shortucts

I want map "Run..." action to ^⌘F8 and I think special shortcut isn't required(by default) to "Debug..." popup.  Any thoughts?
Also which shortcut for this action will be better for TextMate keymap?

P.S : On windows - Run... (alt+shift+F10), Debug...(alt+shift+F9)