[Ann] ErlGray 0.1 - Erlang support for IntelliJ IDEA

Hi all,
I'm pleased to announce the first release of ErlGray. ErlGray provides support for the Erlang language.
The URL ist: http://plugins.intellij.net/plugin/?id=4502 .
Currently there is only support for 8.x, but support for 9.x will be provided in one of the next versions.

This is 0.1 - quite a lot of things are still missing.
At the moment the following features work:

  • Parsing. Should work, it can parse most files of the stdlib. If it doesn't work for you please provide some sample code.
  • Basic structure view
  • Brace matching

If you'd like to see a certain feature please post a comment here or on the plugin page.



Well done :-)