returning Connection reset by peer

The subject says it all; is there something wrong with that host?

git clone --progress --verbose --verbose --verbose -n git://
Cloning into 'community'...
fatal: read error: Connection reset by peer

It seems there was another plea for help that was ignored:

Understood, but not all of the repos that are hosted on are over on GitHub.

For example, points to two repos on g.j.o and neither of them are on GH


Makes sense. Feel free to track the progress of ADM-9061.


YouTrack says I am not authorized to see that issue.


Sorry. Indeed, the issue's visibility isn't public. Didn't know that.
Anyway, our admins have increased a number of simultaneous connections. Please try again.


Yes, I can confirm it is much better now.

Thanks so much for your help, and thank you to your admins, also.