The list of features there is really awesome which is good for the end users. Do not see any point in developing IdeaSpring further , though I paid for it. Just wonder if this is not discouraging for plugin developers.


I agree the list of features is really great and yes it's a little bit disouraging, at least for me but it's a fair game... They've got much more resources, knowledge about idea and time to work on it than me so it's a good move for us, end users of this great IDE.

What's really discouraginq is that multipletimes i wrote them emails about knowning why i didn't receive any answer about being a companion company and about their plan to integrate or not Spring and they didn't answer to these questions.

Anyway it seems that it'll be a real pleasure to develop with Spring pretty soon :)


I developed plugin PropertiesEditor for 4.0 or about this, but after Language API introduction it was rewritten by JB from the scratch and it was not near discouraging... It is quite impressive.
Usually almost all third party plugins not able to be included and extended by Idea team because of low code quality and inapropriate Idea non open API usages. That's why they rewrite functionality implemented in some way by other developers to include it into Idea.