[ANN] IntelliLang 1.0

IntelliLang is a combination of three basic kinds of functionality that are meant to support the developer in dealing with certain tasks that relate to (custom) languages in IntelliJ IDEA:

  • "Language Injection": Editing code that is embedded into String literals and XML fragments where it would be great to get the same kind of IDE support like if the code was being edited "natively"

  • "Pattern Validation": Assistance in making sure that Strings being passed to and from methods match a particular regular expression

  • "Regular Expression Support": A custom language implementation for regular expressions

You can learn more about the plugin and its usage here: http://www.jetbrains.net/confluence/display/CONTEST/IntelliLang

The plugin is available for IDEA 6.0.1 through IDEA's built-in plugin manager or directly from http://plugins.intellij.net/plugin/?id=1105

Changes since 0.9:

  • Language Injection is supported for String-arrays

  • Added language-icon to UI configuration and language-id completion

  • New inspection: Non-annotated Method overrides @Pattern Method

  • Added ability to reorder configured injection entries

  • Minor bugs and cosmetic issues fixed

Thanks a lot to everybody who provided feedback so far, this is very much appreciated.