Resin and JBoss plugins broke

Not sure what happened, and I know you guys are working on the issue. Do you have an update of when these plugins will be operational again?

In the mean time, I guess we can just set it up as a generic server.


I don't know of anything broken in the JBoss plugin. Either you are referring to the problem described here or you should give some more details of what's broken (including version numbers etc.).


Yea, I updated for Resin and JBoss from the plugin repository for version 5.1.1 and both the resin and jboss options for server configuration disappeared.

In the mean time, I have resin running under JSR45 and as an application. Class debugging works, but under a JSR45 launch, JSP debugging doesn't.

Not the end of the world though... if those before me didn't use scriptlets, I wouldn't have this problem. :)


Regarding the Resin plugin, I will check it out next week