J2me development wiht Intellij?

Hi, I am a new user.
I would like to know if Intellij support J2me development? if not, is there any plugins available?

The key thing is the availablity to debug my j2me application on the j2me emulator. I try setuping eclipse remote debugging with j2me emulator, but the emulator crashes as soon as the connection is established. I wonder if the same problem exists on Intellij as well.




there exists J2ME plugin for IDEA called J2MESupport - see IDEA pluggins home on www.intellij.org. I'm afraid, that there are two issues with that:
1. It does not work under Aurora
2. Debugging does not work fine. In practice you can start debugging session and even place breakpoints, and even jump to the code, but after few steps the debugger will freeze. Your midlet will continue running, nevertheless your debugging session is over. I know from guys from SUN, that debugging with WTK is an issue due to incorrect implementation of jpda api (status from May 2003).

I plan to migrate the plugin to Aurora and also to make some add some features, but even if I prommissed to do so
couple of times, I still can not find the time to do it :(.
Hopefully I'll come to that soon (whatever does it mean).

Best regards,