[ANN] HungryBackSpace 0.6 released

I have added it to the plugins page now.

See http://www.intellij.org/twiki/bin/view/Main/HungryBackSpace

*Purpose *
Modifies BackSpace key to hungrily delete whitespace.

When HungryBackSpace plugin is loaded, hitting the BackSpace? key will consume all preceding whitespace, including newlines and tabs, until a non-whitespace character is encountered. If no whitespace preceded the caret, then HungryBackSpace acts like a normal backspace and deletes one character.

This feature helps free your mind to concentrate on coding intead of counting out the number of BackSpaces? required to go back to previous line. Try it and you may quickly become addicted!! IMO this should be the default behavior of Backspace. IDEA should add an option Editor->SmartKeys->Hungry Backspace.

For those familiar with EMACS, HungryBackSpace works the same as CCMode's auto-hungry-delete.

Enjoy -Alex

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I like this, except, is their anyway to make it so that we can program it to the keys that we want to use.

That is, I would like BackSpace to operate as a normal BackSpace, but have it so that I could make Shift + BackSpace or maybe Ctl + BackSpace act as the hungry backspace.

This is just so that it is a little more consistent with every other application I use.

But, I can definitely see how this would be useful.

If JetBrains makes this something that is part of IDEA, I think they should make it available through the Key Map.