[ANN] I18nL10nPlugin v0.2

I18nL10nPlugin v0.2 is now available. Features available in this release:

- Configuration panel added to project configuration

- You may now configure:

  • Resource package name: this is the name of the package that will be created under the package where resources are extracted. For example, if you have a package com.foo and this option is set to say "resources", resource files are generated in com.foo.resources.

  • Generate list resource bundles: By default, it will generate PropertyResourceBundles, but by checking this option, you can automatically generate ListResourceBundles.

  • Pattern to use for resource keys: By default, it will use .{KEY #}. However, if this option is configured, it will replace with the value you supply.

  • Filter duplicate resources: You can choose to filter duplicate resource values from the generated resource bundle(s).

- You may select a package or individual files from which to generate resources.

  • By selecting a package, it will traverse the package hierarchy for you.

  • If you select individual files from different packages, it will generate the appropriate resource files in the correct package directories.

- Menu option moved from Tools menu to Project-view right-click menu

I believe that's it. You can download the latest version at the following URL.