[ANN] Project Template 2.0 for Plugins

Hello All,
I posted preconfigured project template for IntelliJ. This project is
optimized to plugin development.

You can see at this:


  • This allow to use the same structure of plugins, and it may help to

building the Plugin Center in future.

  • Project has an ANT script that can generate JavaDocs (linked to

IntelliJ open API and JDK), build binary and source packages, deploy binary
to IntelliJ into plugins.

  • Project has sample of plugin.xml and you can easy write your own

  • Finnaly, there are template for TWiki topic page of Your Plugin.

I need to someone has review this package. Maybe my work just not needed,
but i think that some thinks may be catched from this expertise.


Alexey Efimov, Software Engineer
Sputnik Labs,